Nonprofits and the tension in Korea

I  don’t want  a war in Korea. I think is important to have an action plan about how a non-profit is going to support victims according to the mission of the charity, just in case.  The scene will change a lot during ta war in all sorts of ways, as transport, resources, risks, restrictions, in the countries near the conflict. Especially if the nuclear attack happen.

If we do preventive actions we can help in a more effective way.  Send medicine/food/other resources, have the staff near of the conflict mentally prepare and trained, and have clear ideas to share with the donors/volunteers about how we are going to help in this conflict.

North Korea already have a humanitarian crisis. Thousands of people have died of starvation. And it gets worse.

In the best scenery war don’t happen and all that plan was unnecessary. But be prepare is better.Some charities are prepare to support  in a war,

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How to find a professional “Community manager” for the your charity?

Today many people call themselves “community manager” experts in the management of communities in social media, but not everyone has the right attitude and vision. Here is a series of questions to use in interviewing the candidates and see if they qualify for the position.

First find out if the candidate uses social media on a regular basis? (or see the last client). I think at least should mention Twitter and Facebook. Will be good if also can show experience in YoutubePinterest, Foursquare and / or Linkedin.

See ranking of the candidate /last client. More than 20 points is desirable. More than 40 points is a serious job. If is not in ranking, let see if the candidate/last client have more than 300 followers and no more than the double following. Also is important to have more than 500 tweets and more than a year of presence on Twitter. Is a minim experience.  These are just some ideas that can be modified according to the applicants.  .

  • Which sites / newsletter you read to keep aware of community management?
  • Do you know success stories in managing social media? Which?
  • Tell your knowledge or experience of Pinterest? (a rapidly growing social media)
  • Which “measurement tool” and “publishing tool” you use to manage social media?
  • Which tool that requires payment you will hire?
  • How you will start to coach part of the staff to support the work of social media? or you believe that this is not appropriate for the plan for your organization?
  • How you will start to build asocial media plan for this organization?
  • If a person writes a claim for the failure of a product or service, how would you respond?

Maybe some of these questions are useless for your situation or you can think in better questions. The importance with the questions is that the candidate does not feel as comfortable for the mere fact that he know social media languague. Planning and measurement should be part of working with social media.

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WordPress for nonprofits

I love WordPress  I’m using from 2006 and I have experienced the improvement in features and support. I’m using WP to develop charities websites, Intranet, CRM and e-commerce. If I get another request of my job, I will use this CMS, which I know very well,  is suitable for various needs and  continually grows in functionality.  So please choose WordPress.

I understand very well this system, and I think in general is easy to understand the logic, so  is not difficult to publish and do the maintenance. If you udpate the system, plugins and themes, is a very safe CMS. And because they have a lot of developers, we can trust we are using the safest free CMS.

So, charities can do all that they want with this free CMS. Do you need assistance? I suggest to hire a person who can customize a theme or buy a theme with options to customize colour, sidebars and widget areas with some clicks. If you don’t understand the last few words, don’t worry a lot of people can help you.

WP is friendly with Google, have several plugins to integrate with payment / donations, is easy to integrate with different multimedia platform.

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nonprofits discovering and conquering pinterest

I like Pinterest (social network). I have two accounts, one for me and one for my charity, because I think is perfect to communicate the mission visually.

In my country very few people use it so far. For now it is easier to find English-speaking fans, so my pins include a bilingual description.

I have used this site for two weeks. Now in March I shall see an interesting impact with the start of classes in colleges and universities. It is therefore important to haveinteresting and varied boards. Who would want to follow a charity that hopefully is less than 20 pins?

in my work I have many responsibilities. For it does not seem logical to add another social network that is not even more important in my country. But certainly when Pinterest start the Spanish version will be very popular here (and surely this will happen in 2012) and then the NGO will be well positioned.

To communicate the work of a nonprofit organization is more impressive to do it with pictures rather than words. For the current generation visual appearance is very important for it everyday.

On the side of the followers, I think they may find valuable things like photos with an artistic touch on the work of volunteers, old and new posters of our campaigns,  great pictures of our fundraising activities, etc.

The experience of your charity in Pinterest may be a failure or at least have a very low profile if you do not consider that as any social network, listen to the voice of others is important and you should always post thinking interact with your followers.

Google panda, a very good friend of a charity

Dear charities / nonprofit, last year Google change the algorithm of search, so several websites had a negative impact. You just not need to have a good website in general, need to be also in particular too. Now weak posts impact your website:

  • Do you have very short post (under 200 words)? Edit now
  • Do you have post with very low visits? Improve it or delete it.
  • Do you have several post which are quite similar? Edit now
  • Did you copy post from a partner website? Edit now. You can quote text, but try that 80% of your post is original.

I also have another important challenge about create content:

  • Twice a month, you will post one testimony of a person impacted with your charity. Perhaps you can use the same questions, but you will get a story with a personnel flavour.
  • You will promote each story on Twitter, Facebook and email.
  •  Be relevant for your donors / volunteers / advocates. That every publication has a photo of the person, a headline informative and attractive. That the text is between 200 and 500 words in which people can read details about how “a person’s life was improved thanks to our help.”
  • Good redaction. Check the spelling, use simple phrases, a 3/5 phrases each paragraph, ask another person to read the post before publish.
  • Light images / pages. Your image has more than 100kb, consider saving in lower quality or size. Try that all photos of the same page do not exceed 500kb.

So, having original articles that are of interest to our loyal audience, well written and shared contexts in our social networks, you should see better results on Google.

Have increased the number of visits and an increase in the number of messages you have received from your contact form on the website will be the proof that we have taken a step forward.

Mobile and WordPress in 2012

If your website don’t have a good template for mobiles, do something now. Smartphones are growing fast and is important to be friendly with small screens.

Different CMS have easy solutions. In WordPress I used “WordPress Mobile Pack” plugin, but because created double pages, something that is not good for Google I change. Now I’m using WPtouch and is working fine. Is free and just need to activate.

Also will be helpful to have an application in Itunes and Android Market, but will be appropriate for your organization? Do you will get more donation / volunteers / advocates with this?. It depend of the kind of people wich you appeal, but If you can afford, do it,

How are your numbers in Google Analytics? You get similar numbers in avg. time on site and pages/visit between mobiles visits and the others.

Tell me your experience.

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CiviCRM for WordPress

In January was launched the first stable version of CiviCRM for WordPress. For years CiviCRM was for Joomla and Drupal, so I’m  very exciting to try CiviCRM for Wordpress.

CiviCRM is the most powerful free CRM (Customer relationship management) software at the moment, which enable a nonprofit to have fundraising online, manage mailing and database, and many more. You can choose which module have active.

WordPress is a the most popular CMS (Content management system) because is friendly and powerful. You can add plugins which give more functions. CiviCRM develop a big an amazing plugin..

CiviCRM have some requirements which some hostings have not active, and if you want to install another language, you will need to have the privilege to create triggers.  I can’t get this with one of my hostings, but I’m using the function translation of Google Chrome.

CiviCRM is in 49 languages, including regional variations for english, spanish, german, french y portuguese.

This can sound very technical, but you will need some technical advice in the installation, and you will found all the answers in the documentation and Guide for installation.

I spend a month using Civicrm(included the beta version), I choose the option to get demo information (and I recommend), and now is time to enter real information and train the fundraising manager.

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