Good headlines for charity webs

Sharing stories about people that our charity / non-profit support is important to get the interest our readers. It is not necessary to have amazing and long testimonies, it is important that the reader can feel identified with them, that lives has been impacted by our NGO. But as each publication will generate interest?

  • An interesting quote may be sufficient to have a good headline. Avoid using inflated words like super, excellent, the best, etc. Action is important so try to include a verb.
  • The photo of the person interviewed is important. Readers like to see the face of the person who talk us is always good.  Still if you article is about a group of people or village, is good to have a few words and photos of one person.
  • Subtitles help to get the attention of the readers. There are studies about that people tend to the scan the article, so they are selective.(you can read more in Yahoo: Eye-tracking: Where do readers look first?)

To have an interesting story is important to use good questions, which are achieved with a genuine interest of the interviewer. Perhaps some questions will be the same than others interviews, but there are questions that need to be mentioned to get the facts about changes lives. Examples, what are the contribution…, how your life are changed after… how was your life before…, etc.

Volunteers, donors and potential donors, appreciate the transparency of nonprofits. Telling the real stories of the persons in the assistance is part of accountability.


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