Charities and QR code

The QR code is an image with a code that when is scanned, shows a message. In many devices this is very easy. So in an small place you have several phrases.This code is currently used in T-shirts, posters and books, which help to spread the website, the mission or other content. This is interesting for users of smartphones and tablets.So far I’ve used for competitions and wallpapers. Soon I will include it in mugs and magazines.

QR code is not massive in my country, but in 2011 grew fast the smarthpones users, so is more  interesting to use it. in 2012 will be In addition, there are encode/decoded software for PC and Mac.

QR code brings 30% redundancy, so that cameras can decode it properly varying quality. This percentage gives room to customize it clear that it does not know any free software.

I encourage you to be a leader, and not fall asleep waiting that more organizations use it. Using it is free and therefore there is no excuse for your nonprofit try this.

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