WordPress for nonprofits

I love WordPress  I’m using from 2006 and I have experienced the improvement in features and support. I’m using WP to develop charities websites, Intranet, CRM and e-commerce. If I get another request of my job, I will use this CMS, which I know very well,  is suitable for various needs and  continually grows in functionality.  So please choose WordPress.

I understand very well this system, and I think in general is easy to understand the logic, so  is not difficult to publish and do the maintenance. If you udpate the system, plugins and themes, is a very safe CMS. And because they have a lot of developers, we can trust we are using the safest free CMS.

So, charities can do all that they want with this free CMS. Do you need assistance? I suggest to hire a person who can customize a theme or buy a theme with options to customize colour, sidebars and widget areas with some clicks. If you don’t understand the last few words, don’t worry a lot of people can help you.

WP is friendly with Google, have several plugins to integrate with payment / donations, is easy to integrate with different multimedia platform.

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