How to find a professional “Community manager” for the your charity?

Today many people call themselves “community manager” experts in the management of communities in social media, but not everyone has the right attitude and vision. Here is a series of questions to use in interviewing the candidates and see if they qualify for the position.

First find out if the candidate uses social media on a regular basis? (or see the last client). I think at least should mention Twitter and Facebook. Will be good if also can show experience in YoutubePinterest, Foursquare and / or Linkedin.

See ranking of the candidate /last client. More than 20 points is desirable. More than 40 points is a serious job. If is not in ranking, let see if the candidate/last client have more than 300 followers and no more than the double following. Also is important to have more than 500 tweets and more than a year of presence on Twitter. Is a minim experience.  These are just some ideas that can be modified according to the applicants.  .

  • Which sites / newsletter you read to keep aware of community management?
  • Do you know success stories in managing social media? Which?
  • Tell your knowledge or experience of Pinterest? (a rapidly growing social media)
  • Which “measurement tool” and “publishing tool” you use to manage social media?
  • Which tool that requires payment you will hire?
  • How you will start to coach part of the staff to support the work of social media? or you believe that this is not appropriate for the plan for your organization?
  • How you will start to build asocial media plan for this organization?
  • If a person writes a claim for the failure of a product or service, how would you respond?

Maybe some of these questions are useless for your situation or you can think in better questions. The importance with the questions is that the candidate does not feel as comfortable for the mere fact that he know social media languague. Planning and measurement should be part of working with social media.

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