Nonprofits and the tension in Korea

I  don’t want  a war in Korea. I think is important to have an action plan about how a non-profit is going to support victims according to the mission of the charity, just in case.  The scene will change a lot during ta war in all sorts of ways, as transport, resources, risks, restrictions, in the countries near the conflict. Especially if the nuclear attack happen.

If we do preventive actions we can help in a more effective way.  Send medicine/food/other resources, have the staff near of the conflict mentally prepare and trained, and have clear ideas to share with the donors/volunteers about how we are going to help in this conflict.

North Korea already have a humanitarian crisis. Thousands of people have died of starvation. And it gets worse.

In the best scenery war don’t happen and all that plan was unnecessary. But be prepare is better.Some charities are prepare to support  in a war,

Follow news about North Korea

News section about North Korea


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