SEO and charities / nonprofits, part I

I saw silly mistakes in charity/nonprofit websites in SEO and I want to help. So I will share some basic tips using an example

1.  Title of homepage. Several times I saw that the title is “index” or”home”. Please write the name of your organization. If the name of your organization is “Child aid Patagonia” so you will type “Child aid Patagonia foundation”

2. Description. Think in a paragraph of twenty words which will help the person to choose. So you can write “Helping children in southern Argentina to grow, develop and overcome poverty”. Perhaps you can add a few like “nutrition, domestic violence, literacy or other, but be short  (20 words maxim) and clear (simple phrases).

2. Keywords. Is not so important as in the past, but still use it. So continuing with the previous example, your keywords can be “social change”, “eradicate poverty”, “children at risk”, “broken families”, “overcoming social” , “child development”

Probably some of you can have better suggestions for the example. Please leave your comment.

In the second part I will share about how to write your post in a better way.


Social Media Plan for a Charity / non-profit

Revised version, 4 Jan 2011

3 reasons to use WordPress for your charity now

You charity / non profit still not use WordPress?  or is using but you don’t feel that they are taking advantage?

1. You will find free resources to have a powerful website. (friendly for Google, for mobiles, for social networking, for fundraising, for videos, etc.). Look the variety of the popular plugins/modules here popular plugins

2.You will get an always updated CMS. Do you want to integrate new social networks and new technologies soon?  In general WP will have the solution earlier than the others CMS. If you want to be updated reading news about WP here WordPress in  |

3. You will find free support in different forums and webs. Examples. WordPress Forum |

There are several good examples of nonprofit /charity websites using well WordPress, Some examples in showcase of non-profit

If you still have a doubt about why choose WordPress, please write here and I will reply soon.

I use WP from 2007 and every day I’m more convince about the advantage over the other s CMS. In the future, perhaps will be a better option, but not in the next couple of years, because WP raised the bar right up.

Why is so important that your charity have a good website? Because share stories is very important. Read my article Good headlines for charity webs.

Charities and QR code

The QR code is an image with a code that when is scanned, shows a message. In many devices this is very easy. So in an small place you have several phrases.This code is currently used in T-shirts, posters and books, which help to spread the website, the mission or other content. This is interesting for users of smartphones and tablets.So far I’ve used for competitions and wallpapers. Soon I will include it in mugs and magazines.

QR code is not massive in my country, but in 2011 grew fast the smarthpones users, so is more  interesting to use it. in 2012 will be In addition, there are encode/decoded software for PC and Mac. Continue reading

Good headlines for charity webs

Sharing stories about people that our charity / non-profit support is important to get the interest our readers. It is not necessary to have amazing and long testimonies, it is important that the reader can feel identified with them, that lives has been impacted by our NGO. But as each publication will generate interest?

Continue reading

Accountability, Klout and charities

The existence of a standard for measure the influence of organizations on social media  is necessary for measuring the achievements in comparison with organizations, and take the challenges.

Growing in number of followers is good. Get responses and re-tweets is important. Lead people to action to be donors, speakers and volunteers, is a great achievement.

I’ve been using Twitter for my organization from October 2009. I’m surprised with results of various organizations, which having less fans, get a better compromise than larger ones.

In October, Klout change its algorithm and the ranking of many organizations including mine decreced. This does not make me happy but I was not discouraged. Klout It remains the standard for value so far and therefore necessary for monitoring. Will be a next standard? Not yet.

Try Klout for three months and share here your experience.

SMnonprofits must take seriously their presence Twitter

Medium and small NGOs should take seriously their presence on Twitter. Staff may have no time or proper training. It may seem secondary to have an active account on Twitter. If you know an NGO that needs to improve its presence in this network, suggest that attitude change without overburdening staff. How? Here I leave some recommendations.

Every day charities create new accounts on Twitter, but growing in number of followers? Do they receive feedback? Do you feel frustrated in participating in this network?.

Many people I’ve reached on Twitter, I would not have reached by Facebook. In addition, many of which Twitter users have Facebook, then Twitter followers come to our fan page.

In the sites I manage, traffic through social networking leader is led by Facebook,and then comes Twitter. Maybe Pinterest could compete for second place soon.

Now if you want to distribute a press release, what would be the best place?.Unless you have millions of fans on Facebook and they can spread and then media can capture the information, But if not your case, would be a good option to spread through your account on Twitter with hashtag and citing a news account. Radio and local newspapers can be helpful. If they spread the news media with national presence may be interested in your story.

If you can not have a person who spends hours at managing social media at least have one person working 2 hours per week on Twitter.Use an hour to read your competition, your suppliers and customers.Detect keywords, hashtags useful and accounts that start to follow.You can group them into a private list read to them frequently. If you can answer some Tweets with a comment or retweet.

In the second hour schedule your Tweets using an application like Hootsuite. When writing tweets include hashtags being used.Published at different times between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.Do not repeat a single tweet the same day, seek to be relevant and appealing to their community. Schedule a minimum of 20 tweets per week (Monday to Friday) will allow you an opportunity to be found and read.

These guidelines are quite basic, but can make a marked change to the practices of thousands of NGOs published sporadically without using any of the rules of etiquette of Twitter.

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