Google panda, a very good friend of a charity

Dear charities / nonprofit, last year Google change the algorithm of search, so several websites had a negative impact. You just not need to have a good website in general, need to be also in particular too. Now weak posts impact your website:

  • Do you have very short post (under 200 words)? Edit now
  • Do you have post with very low visits? Improve it or delete it.
  • Do you have several post which are quite similar? Edit now
  • Did you copy post from a partner website? Edit now. You can quote text, but try that 80% of your post is original.

I also have another important challenge about create content:

  • Twice a month, you will post one testimony of a person impacted with your charity. Perhaps you can use the same questions, but you will get a story with a personnel flavour.
  • You will promote each story on Twitter, Facebook and email.
  •  Be relevant for your donors / volunteers / advocates. That every publication has a photo of the person, a headline informative and attractive. That the text is between 200 and 500 words in which people can read details about how “a person’s life was improved thanks to our help.”
  • Good redaction. Check the spelling, use simple phrases, a 3/5 phrases each paragraph, ask another person to read the post before publish.
  • Light images / pages. Your image has more than 100kb, consider saving in lower quality or size. Try that all photos of the same page do not exceed 500kb.

So, having original articles that are of interest to our loyal audience, well written and shared contexts in our social networks, you should see better results on Google.

Have increased the number of visits and an increase in the number of messages you have received from your contact form on the website will be the proof that we have taken a step forward.