SEO and charities / nonprofits, part I

I saw silly mistakes in charity/nonprofit websites in SEO and I want to help. So I will share some basic tips using an example

1.  Title of homepage. Several times I saw that the title is “index” or”home”. Please write the name of your organization. If the name of your organization is “Child aid Patagonia” so you will type “Child aid Patagonia foundation”

2. Description. Think in a paragraph of twenty words which will help the person to choose. So you can write “Helping children in southern Argentina to grow, develop and overcome poverty”. Perhaps you can add a few like “nutrition, domestic violence, literacy or other, but be short  (20 words maxim) and clear (simple phrases).

2. Keywords. Is not so important as in the past, but still use it. So continuing with the previous example, your keywords can be “social change”, “eradicate poverty”, “children at risk”, “broken families”, “overcoming social” , “child development”

Probably some of you can have better suggestions for the example. Please leave your comment.

In the second part I will share about how to write your post in a better way.