CiviCRM for WordPress

In January was launched the first stable version of CiviCRM for WordPress. For years CiviCRM was for Joomla and Drupal, so I’m  very exciting to try CiviCRM for Wordpress.

CiviCRM is the most powerful free CRM (Customer relationship management) software at the moment, which enable a nonprofit to have fundraising online, manage mailing and database, and many more. You can choose which module have active.

WordPress is a the most popular CMS (Content management system) because is friendly and powerful. You can add plugins which give more functions. CiviCRM develop a big an amazing plugin..

CiviCRM have some requirements which some hostings have not active, and if you want to install another language, you will need to have the privilege to create triggers.  I can’t get this with one of my hostings, but I’m using the function translation of Google Chrome.

CiviCRM is in 49 languages, including regional variations for english, spanish, german, french y portuguese.

This can sound very technical, but you will need some technical advice in the installation, and you will found all the answers in the documentation and Guide for installation.

I spend a month using Civicrm(included the beta version), I choose the option to get demo information (and I recommend), and now is time to enter real information and train the fundraising manager.

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Please tell me your experience and expectations


3 reasons to use WordPress for your charity now

You charity / non profit still not use WordPress?  or is using but you don’t feel that they are taking advantage?

1. You will find free resources to have a powerful website. (friendly for Google, for mobiles, for social networking, for fundraising, for videos, etc.). Look the variety of the popular plugins/modules here popular plugins

2.You will get an always updated CMS. Do you want to integrate new social networks and new technologies soon?  In general WP will have the solution earlier than the others CMS. If you want to be updated reading news about WP here WordPress in  |

3. You will find free support in different forums and webs. Examples. WordPress Forum |

There are several good examples of nonprofit /charity websites using well WordPress, Some examples in showcase of non-profit

If you still have a doubt about why choose WordPress, please write here and I will reply soon.

I use WP from 2007 and every day I’m more convince about the advantage over the other s CMS. In the future, perhaps will be a better option, but not in the next couple of years, because WP raised the bar right up.

Why is so important that your charity have a good website? Because share stories is very important. Read my article Good headlines for charity webs.